Good Food this New Year pt 1

Happy New Year to you all !

As we say goodbye to 2008 and usher  into 2009, there are lovely memories as well as pain in the ass ones.

Now that today is the 1st day of 2009, I’ll show you food that served on New Year.

1. Noodle

La Mien

La Mien

Being a Malaysian Chinese, I know that noodles, for example La Mien (拉面) (long noodle), are served on New Year. It symbolises longevity and continous good fortune.

2. Fish

Salmon Dish

Salmon Dish

Fish are served in Asia, European and North America on New Year. In Chinese culture, fish or yu (鱼) in Mandarin is symbolised with abundance, also pronunced as yu (余).

3. Pomegranate



Some countries like Turkey and other part of Mediterranean countries eat pomegranate. It associated with abundance and fertility.

4. Cabbage



Associated with moeny because of the colour green, people eat cabbage in Ireland, USA and Germany during New Year.


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