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3 Reasons to Skip Soda & Other Soft Drink


Below is 3 reasons to skip soda and other soft drink

1. Soft drinks contain a high amount of simple sugars
The more sugar in your body, the more your pancrease need to raise the insulin level to break down and burn off the sugar. And ulimtaely, more sugar leads to weight gain.

2. Weaken your bones
Soda contain phosphoric acid, which can severely deplete the blood calcium levels. In case youdon’t know, calcium is good for healthy and strong bones. Over a long time, you’ll suffer osteoporosis.

3. Soda causes chronic diseases
A lot of researches found that consumption of soft drinks in high quantity, especially by children, is responsible for many health problems that include tooth decay, nutritional depletion or lack of it, obesity, type-2 diabetes, and heart diseases. Same things go for the adult.

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Laughter Best Medicine: Study

This post may not have anything to do with eating healthy food, but new study found that laughter may help lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Among 20 high-risk diabetics with high cholesterol and high blood pressure, those who laughed for thirty minutes per day, had higher levels of “good” cholesterol than those who hadn’t laughed.

Source: Study: Laughter is the Best Medicine,

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Diabetes Root Cause

What causes diabetes?

Too high the sugar level in your blood.

I’ll let you know more…

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