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Having Healthy Christmas Breakfast with this #1 Secret

Eating Breakfast

Eating Breakfast for Healthy Christmas Good Start

Breakfast is important meal when we start a new day because it  help give us all a good start to the day, especially during this Christmas season.

Try this healthy Christmas breakfast with #1 secret. You’ll benefits from:

1. boost your metabolism
2. Burn more body fat
3. Get more energy at the start if the day
4. Feel less hungry after breakfast because of high fiber from cereal and fruits
5. No more craving for something sweet

The recipe:

Add a few pieces of fresh apple and pear with your usual breakfast cereal/oatmeal when serving your family. The combination of apple, pear and cereal/oatmeal provide high fiber, therefore will boost your metabolism and burn more body fats.

Healthy Eating on Christmas Special Report

Healthy Eating on Christmas Special Report

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“Healthy Eating on Christmas” Special Report – Buy Now

Healthy Eating on Christmas

"Healthy Eating on Christmas" shows You the Way to being Healthier You on Christmas

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Are you 10-15 pounds heavier during holiday season every year?

There are ways to keep your diet healthy during the Christmas season.

This special report “Healthy Eating on Christmas” shows you:

1. 10 Christmas Healthy Eating Tips
2. 5 Christmas Foods that are Healthy
3. Bad Christmas Food to Avoid
4. Healthy Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner
5. Detoxify your Body
6. Healthy Weight Management

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3 Reasons to Skip Soda & Other Soft Drink


Below is 3 reasons to skip soda and other soft drink

1. Soft drinks contain a high amount of simple sugars
The more sugar in your body, the more your pancrease need to raise the insulin level to break down and burn off the sugar. And ulimtaely, more sugar leads to weight gain.

2. Weaken your bones
Soda contain phosphoric acid, which can severely deplete the blood calcium levels. In case youdon’t know, calcium is good for healthy and strong bones. Over a long time, you’ll suffer osteoporosis.

3. Soda causes chronic diseases
A lot of researches found that consumption of soft drinks in high quantity, especially by children, is responsible for many health problems that include tooth decay, nutritional depletion or lack of it, obesity, type-2 diabetes, and heart diseases. Same things go for the adult.

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5 Steps to Start Eating Healthily

Want to start eating healthily but don’t know how?

Here are 5 steps you can do:

1. Read this important article piece “How to Be a Healthy Eater“.

2. Eating healthily doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, if that’s what you think it is. You can do it on budget.

3. Drink more water

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables. They’re full of vitamins and minerals not founds in meats.

5. Start reading this blog “Healthy Food Blog” and another blog “Healthy Eating for Life“.

Read all the entries listed under “Eating Well” category on Healthy Food Blog. You know which food keep your health at optimal level, and which food will definitely bankrupt you.

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Are you Eating too Much? 3 Easy To-Do

Are you having this question “How can I prevent myself from eating too much?” in your mind right now?

There are three simple and easy to-do if you put your heart to it.

1. Keep yourself darn busy all day everyday – spend more time at your projects, tutorials, anything as long as you’re too busy. In other words, stay out of dorm if possible and the food there will be out of your reach. Only go back there when you need to sleep. And when you’re sleepy, you won’t feel like eating.

2. Eat more protein and fiber
Protein takes more time to digest and therefore keeps you full longer. Fiber absorb water, and then expanding in your stomach.Oatmeal is rich in fiber, ditto with apple.

3. Read this article called “How to Be a Healthy Eater“.

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2. Becoming A Healthy Eater (Complete links included)

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Cornflakes, White Bread Could Boost Heart Risk


A Bowl of Cornflakes

A Bowl of Cornflakes


White Bread

White Bread

Are you having white bread or cornflakes for breakfast?

If you are, you may want to change your food that you have in the morning.

Researchers found that eating a diet rich in carbohydrates, such as cornflakes and white bread, boost blood sugar levels. Hence it hampers the functioning of your blood vessels and raise your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

So, what’s best for breakfast?

Eating wholemeal bread, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables for breakfast is a good start. They are low-glycemic index foods, meaning they won’t raise your bloood sugar level that much.

Source: Cornflakes, White Bread Could Boost Heart Risk,

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Drink More Water Instead of Soda

Drink more Water

Drink more Water

Are you drink too much soda?

Soda contains too much sugar and will spike your blood sugar level in your body. Therefore you’re most likely to be obese and suffer diabetes.

You can still enjoy your favorite drinks at a sporting event or night out, although you should stick with the smallest size when shopping to save
money and calories. 

Choose to drink water more often. Water is the best choice to quench your thirst. Water is also best source to boost your metabolism and help you to lose weight efficiently.

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