The Nutrients You Ever Need

Here are some important nutrients that you need the most:

A plays a crucial role in vision and may protect against some cancers.

B1, B2 and B3 help your body process carbs and protein.

B12 may reduce your risk of osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s.

C keeps skin supple and helps your body absorb iron.

Calcium helps maintain strong bones, thus protecting against osteoporosis, and may aid in weight loss. In one study, people who ate three servings a day of low-fat yogurt lost 60 percent more fat than those who didn’t eat dairy.

D aids your body’s calcium absorption.

E helps your brain and eyes stave off disease. It may also decrease the risk of death from heart disease.

Folic acid may lower blood pressure, and taking it before conception and while pregnant can slash birth-defect risk by as much as 70 percent. Note: This is the only nutrient your body actually absorbs better from a pill than from food.

Iron combats fatigue and increases blood circulation.

Zinc is necessary for maintaining your sense of smell and healing wounds. Some studies have found that taking zinc can shorten the duration of the common cold, too.


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New Year Healthy Food

Happy New Year to you all !

As we say goodbye to 2009 and usher  into 2010, there are lovely memories as well as pain in the ass ones.

1. Noodle

La Mien

Being a Malaysian Chinese, I know that noodles, for example La Mien (拉面) (long noodle), are served on New Year. It symbolises longevity and continous good fortune.

2. Fish

Fish - rich in Omega 3s Protein

Fish are served in Asia, European and North America on New Year. In Chinese culture, fish or yu (鱼) in Mandarin is symbolised with abundance, also pronunced as yu (余).

3. Grape


Every year since, Spanish people have brought in the New Year by eating 12 grapes as the clock strikes midnight. At each strike of the Plaza del Sol clock, another grape is eaten in celebration of lucky years past, and in hope of a lucky year to come.

4. Cabbage


Associated with moeny because of the colour green, people eat cabbage in Ireland, USA and Germany during New Year.

5. Black-eyed Peas

Black-eyed Peas

In Southern America, black-eyed peas are thought to bring wealth because they look like little coins.

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Happy New Year to All

Happy NewY ear

Happy New Year

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3 Simple Way to Stick to New Year’s Resolutions

Making New Year's Resolution Stick

Many of us will make new resolutions every new year, but majority of us also find it hard to keep them.

Here 3 simple ways how to make them stick:

1. Desire to Change
You must have a strong desire to change, and it must come from inside yourself. So be ready for change, otherwise you’re more likely to fail. So before making a resolution, sit down and analyze what YOU really want.

2.Ability of Change
You must have the right tools and skills to make change happens. If you are looking to lose some pounds, research diets now. If you think ahead, you will have your tools and information under your finger tips.

3. Confidence
Believing you can change encourages commitment to the process and enhances the likelihood of success. Studies on change show that those who truly believe they can change, do. Never ever doubt yourself, you definitely doom yourself even before you get started.

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#1 Tips to Healthy Detoxification after Christmas

Many of us know the consequences that come from overindulging during holiday season, especially between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Here is #1 secret to healthy detoxification after Christmas:

A Cup of Green Tea

Relive yourself with green/herbal tea

Drink green tea or herbal tea after each meal to soothe and prevent bloating. Peppermint, chamomile, and ginger tea are other good choices for settling the stomach 

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Having Healthy Christmas Breakfast with this #1 Secret

Eating Breakfast

Eating Breakfast for Healthy Christmas Good Start

Breakfast is important meal when we start a new day because it  help give us all a good start to the day, especially during this Christmas season.

Try this healthy Christmas breakfast with #1 secret. You’ll benefits from:

1. boost your metabolism
2. Burn more body fat
3. Get more energy at the start if the day
4. Feel less hungry after breakfast because of high fiber from cereal and fruits
5. No more craving for something sweet

The recipe:

Add a few pieces of fresh apple and pear with your usual breakfast cereal/oatmeal when serving your family. The combination of apple, pear and cereal/oatmeal provide high fiber, therefore will boost your metabolism and burn more body fats.

Healthy Eating on Christmas Special Report

Healthy Eating on Christmas Special Report

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

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#1 Christmas Healthy Eating Tips You Must Observe

It’s easy to pig yourself out on Christmas.

Here is the number 1 rule you must observe:

Eat in moderation

Enjoy eating a bit of everything if you can. There’s no food that you should avoid altogether, provided that you don’t over do it.

Get yourself a slice of rich fruit cake, a chocolate reindeer, a serving of crisp-skinned turkey and a small glass of eggnog. You’ll be doing fine.

If you keep it to a reasonable serving size and confine the feasting to a couple of days, it’s very unlikely you’ll be gaining pounds in just one Christmas day.

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