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Seizure/Epilepsy – What to Eat and What Not

From the previous article Avoiding Food-Trigger Seizure, we will look at what to eat and what not eat, for adults and children who have epileptic seizure. 

Let’s begin with a number of food types to avoid.

Foods that have high amount of glutamate and aspartate can lead to food reactons in patient with epileptic seizure.

1. Grains: Consume corn and rice that are low in glutamine, while avoiding wheat, barley and oats that are known to be rich in glutamine.

2. Dairy products: All cow milk products are rich in glutamine. Example are Parmesan, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella. Goat milk products are better.

3. Beans: Soy, navy, lentils are high in glumatic acid.

4. Seeds: Sunflower and pumpkins are high in glutamine, though less than that of wheat and dairy in comparison.

5. Peanuts: Cashews, pistachios and almonds are rich in glutamine.

6. All soy products: Except for tofu and tempeh.

7. Diet drinks and Foods that have aspartate, a result of containing sweetener like Nutrasweet or Equal.

8. Canned foods/soups: Most canned food/soups have MSG.

9. Meats: All meats are naturally rich in glutamine and aspartate – leading the band are rabbit and turkey, which is the highest. Try substituing with lambs, chickens and eggs.

Now we’ll look into what to eat/drink.

1. Drink plenty of water, especially distilled water that helps to remove toxin inside our human body.

2. Vegetables. Taste good when steamed or mildly cooked. Overcooking is fdefinitely a no-no.

3. Flesh foods like chickens, eggs and lamb.

4. Consume white or brown rice. Organic blue corn is good too.

5 Fruits? It is recommended becuase sometimes or most of the times the bodies of sick children and adults canno handle fruit acids and high level of sugar in them.


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