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We Have Fat Kids Living Among Us

There is 1 in 10 children worldwide that is overweight or obese.

And you probably know one of consequences that they’re likely to get.

Start teaching your kids to lose weight now.


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Keep Kids Healthy With 2 Natural Nutritional Supplements


“Ewwww…… ”

Darn that neighbour kid. I grumbled. With his nose as almost red as that of Rudolf’s, did he have to come over visiting during Chinese New Year?

The father appologised to me after seeing me wiping my face with a piece of hanky.

Well, yeah, sure. I did feel sorry for showing my sour face. Pity the kid.

A guest who happended to be a doctor walk over to us and we had a minor discussion about maintaining kid health.

You see, we learned something from the discussion with the doctor. That is you can protect your kids with  2 natural nutritional supplements that have proven to be safe and effective at warding off illness.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is found in a wide variety of fruit and vegetables.  Vitamin C has a number of important functions, such as protecting and keping healthy cells; and helping the body to absorb iron from food.

Good sources include peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, oranges and kiwi fruit.

Cod liver oil
Cod liver oil is as good as a dietary supplement for most everyone, including kids aged four and above, as well as seniors.

Cod liver oil contains vitamins D and A which are beneficial for almost everyone. It helps promote heart health, provides immune system support and aid in regulating cell growth and division.

You ask how it can help kids?

Regular consumption of fish oil/cod liver oil can benefit children. As it does with adults, it will optimize kids’ health and promote proper brain function.

Both of these supplement have proven to be non-toxic, with absolutely zero addictive properties. You can feel comfortable giving them to your kids (and taking them yourself) to boost immunity.

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New Year Resolution – Get Kids to Eat Healthily

Sad Kid at Dinner Table

Sad Kid at Dinner Table

Tired of all the crying, shouting, yelling and screaming ?

You want your kids to finish their vegetable but they won’t budge.  You all fold your arms around your chests and stare at each others. You at your kids and your kids at you?

Well, I could see how this story will unfold.

To parents who have kids, healthy eating is important for proper growth of their kids. After all, parents want their children to grow stronger and healthier, so they give their best, by serving the brats with a wide variety of nutrient-enriched food and drinks.

And then that’s when all the trouble begins…

Here are a few ways to get them to eat:

1.  Knowing facts about the food we eat. There is high-protein, high-fiber food that works for kids.

2. Tell kids that junk food is a no-no. Show them pictures of obese men and women and ask if that’s what they wish to grow up to be. 

3.   Be role model to your children. Start a healthy diet routine and using healthy recipes in your cooking.  This kickoff  life patterns that will set in childhood and early puberty.

4. Lure your kids to eat healthy food by learning how to present your cooking in colorful, creative and decorative manner. Good food doesn’t have to taste bland.

5. Educate kids about the food, tell them the benefits of eating such food. Make them feel that they are eating something special and different each day.

May your kids eat well and grow healthy and happy.

Happy Kid Eating

Happy Kid Eating

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