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Mardi Gras – Top 10 Cocktail (Part 1)

Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday in English falls on this 24th Februray 2009.

Let me present you the top 10 Cocktail served on Mardi Gras – 5 cokctail on today and another 5 tomorrow. 

10.  Gimlet
Gin, Rose’s lime Juice
Did you know? Centuries ago, sailors received it as their daily lime ration to prevent scurvy.

9. Bay breeze
Vodka, cranberry juice,  pineapple juice
This fun and fruity drink prove to be a hit year-round, whether you’re hitting the beach or your local watering hole!

8. Dr. Pepper
Amaretto, rum, lager beer
Being a contemporary concoction, there are many disputes regarding this cocktail’s origin, but that hasn’t hindered its quick rise to fame — it was recently featured in the 2007 film Hot Rod starring Andy Samberg and
Isla Fisher.

7. Kamikaze
tequila, triple sec, lime juice
Rumor has it the name of the cocktail was coined by American soldiers at a bar off the Yokosuka base near Tokyo during their occupation of the area.

6. White Russian
vodka, coffee liqueur, light cream
This classic drink has been around since the Cold War. Despite its name, it isn’t a Russian, just a name given simply because of it contains vodka.


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