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No Eating Peanut Butter Products – FDA

Due to widespread salmonella outbreak, U.S. Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) on Staurday warned consumers not to eat any related peanut butter products. The investigation of the outbreak is ongoing and continuing.

Salmonella outbreak, linked to peanut butter, has already sickened 453 people and claimed 6 lives.

Cereal giant, Kellogg has had recalled its 16 products conataining peanut butter as of late friday. Products include included Keebler cheese and peanut butter sandwich crackers and Keebler and Famous Amos peanut butter cookies..

Peanut Corp., based in Lynchburg, Va., issued its own recall Tuesday of 21 lots of peanut butter for possible salmonella contamination. It makes the product for bulk distribution to institutions, food service industries and private label food companies.

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